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Ergonomic lifting solutions

Do you need lifting tools that look out for your employees well-being as well as the company’s budget? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our products and services include specially made lifting tools, traverse systems, light-weight cranes, spare parts, and installation and maintenance service. All of our products run on air-pressure (pneumatic) and are a safe to use and also energy-efficient.

Let us help you reduce the number of work-related injuries in your company with our ergonomically-designed lifting tools. Our lifting solutions can carry any load, regardless of its weight and also more lightweight loads. More lightweight loads can also cause severe injuries, especially if lifted repeatedly or wrongly. Our lifting tools contribute to a strong and healthy workforce, higher productivity and lower costs. Read more about our different grippers on this page. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us here!

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Complete lifting systems

An ergonomic lifting system from Lifts All consists of an overhead rail system or crane, the ...

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Standard grippers

We offer a carefully selected range of standard grippers for lifting the most common types of ...

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Articulated jib crane

It’s been proven that Lifts All’s jib cranes outclass other pillar cranes, jib cranes and ...

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Overhead rail system

Our overhead traverse systems are constructed in aluminium, which make them sturdy yet flexible ...

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Expertise in lifting tools since 1994

We have a range of standard lifting tools and we produce custom designed tools as well. Lifts All always make sure to find the best solution to fit your needs and to create a better work environment for you. It is our goal to ease the workload for workers in industries that lift both light and heavy loads every day. We have produced thousands of unique lifting tools throughout the years and have the experience to find the right lifting solution for you.