Vacuum pad 93-20043

Vacuum pad 93-20043

General Data

Maximum capacity: 110 lbs

Size: 12"x8"

Safety factor: 2

Material: Cell rubber

Article no: 93-20043

The vacuum pad is an application that can be used for lifting both airtight and not airtight materials. If you lift airtight materials, it has a capacity of 110 lbs. If the load you are lifting is not airtight, you cannot lift up to the maximum capacity of 110 lbs. The vacuum pad is the application we recommend for those who want to be able to lift multiple types of objects with the same lifting tool, such as boxes, metal plates with holes, or other loads that are not completely smooth. The application lifts the load gently and is therefore perfect for loads that need to be handled carefully.

What can the vacuum pad lift?

Sometimes, a regular vacuum suction cup can have difficulty gripping because the vacuum pressure is too low. In these cases, the vacuum pad is ideal. It can for example lift:

  • Perforated metal sheets
  • Rough wooden boards
  • Carton boxes and packages
  • Steel or aluminum sheets with punched holes
  • Other materials that are not 100% airtight.

Basic application

The vacuum pad is an application for the Basic lifting tool, Lifts All´s all-round gripper that manages loads up to 110 lbs. A simple click-on function allows you to change applications. And so, you have a versatile lifting tool that can manage most loads.