Lifting high

Lift high with Manhattan

Lifts All’s high-lifting gripper, the Manhattan, also known as the Mini-Truck, is the perfect lifting tool when you need to lift high up and/or into narrow spots. The Manhattan’s purposeful construction is what makes it an essential lifting tool. It can lift most loads effortlessly and is widely used in warehouses where normal forklifts or pallet lifts are just too bulky. For example, bakeries have purchased the Manhattan to lift and stack bakery trays. The Manhattan lifting tool is ergonomically-designed and constructed to suit our customer’s needs in terms of height, load and the necessary work momentum.

Manhattan Cardboard Box Gripper 89-11789

The Manhattan Cardboard Box gripper is constructed for lifting and stacking large carton boxes ...

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Manhattan Mini 89-12052

Manhattan Mini is a vacuum gripper that utilizes vacuum cups to grip and lift carton boxes to a ...

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Manhattan Cabinet Gripper 89-12105

This is our Manhattan Cabinet Gripper – made for lifting cabinets and cabinet frames. ...

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Manhattan Combi-Gripper for Rotors 89-12106

This lifting tool is a Manhattan Combi-Gripper for rotors. It is a custom designed lifting tool ...

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Manhattan Pallet Stacker 2872

A lifting tool for pallet stacking The pallet gripper is used mainly for lifting and stacking ...

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Manhattan Roll Gripper 4565

A lifting tool for rolls The Manhattan roll gripper is the perfect lifting tool for workplaces ...

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Manhattan Plastic Box Gripper 89-10465

A lifting tool for plastic boxes The box gripper is one of our more popular lifting tools and a ...

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Manhattan Carton Box Gripper 89-10224

A lifting tool for carton boxes The carton box gripper’s suction cups quickly attach to the ...

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Manhattan Tray Gripper 89-10310

A lifting tool for trays This popular gripper is a great lifting tool that enables the ...

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Manhattan Stone Block Gripper 89-10288

A lifting tool for stone blocks This gripper is custom-made to lift stone blocks up to 110lbs ...

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