Manhattan Roll Gripper 4565

Manhattan Roll Gripper 4565

General Data

Maximum capacity: 14 kg / 31 lbs

Controls: balancing

Weight: 53 kg / 117 lbs

Media: 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-10117

Serial no: 4565

Brochure:  Lifting rolls (pdf).

A lifting tool for rolls

The Manhattan roll gripper is the perfect lifting tool for workplaces that handle rolls of products, such as steel rolls, paper rolls, cloth and plastic rolls, etc. The roll is gripped from its core and can then be manoeuvred, tilted, rotated and placed high up on a pallet, which is a great advantage in small and constrained working spaces. Instead of manually lifting and moving each roll, the manoeuvre is now safer, swifter and weightless.