Manhattan Pallet Stacker 2872

Manhattan pallet stacker 2872

General Data

Maximum capacity: 30kg /66lbs

Control system: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 50kg/110lbs

Media: 90-100 psi

Article no: -

Serial no: 2872

A lifting tool for pallet stacking

The pallet gripper is used mainly for lifting and stacking pallets, with or without pallet collars, that weigh up to 66lbs (30kg). It has a simple construction that efficiently lifts pallets from one place to another. This nifty gripper outclasses other bulkier pallet lifters and forklifts as it grips the pallets from underneath and can place them where forklifts are unable to fit, and high up where other floor-based lifts are not able to reach. The operator steers the tool with the up and down levers (Pro Speed-Handle). For precision placement, the operator can adjust the pallet’s vertical position manually by about 5-10 cm.