Box gripper 89-10249

Box gripper 89-10249

General Data

Maximum capacity: 15 kg

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Own weight: 7 kg

Media: 6-7 bar

Article no: 89-10249

Serial no: 4734

This is our box gripper for lifting electronic control units. This lifting tool grips the load with vacuum cups and can lift up to 15 kg. It is also possible to rotate the load manually during the lift. Lifting boxes several times a day can be straining on your body and lead to injuries in neck, back and shoulders. With this lifting tool everyday work will be easier and ergonomically correct for the operator.

Box gripper – how does it work?

You use the green and red button on the right side of the tool to adjust speed up and down. Depending on how much pressure on the buttons you use the movement up and down will be quicker or slower. Place the vacuum cups in the center of the load. When the vacuum cups are attached to the upside of the load you push the left green button to grip. The green light will start to shine and indicates that it is safe to do the lift. It is also possible to rotate the load during the lift. This is made manually by the operator. Move the box to desired place and then push the left red button to remove the lifting tool from the box.

Specially designed for your needs

We design and manufacture the lifting tool so that it is optimal for the load you are lifting. Maximum load, rotation, tilt and how the gripper should grip the load can all be adapted to your needs. We also produce tools in stainless steel if the tool is to be used in a cleanroom environment. Read more about our different lifting solutions for boxes here.