Container Loading System (CLS)

Container Loading System (CLS) baggage lifter

General Data

Load speed: 10 bags/minute

Lifting height: 100-1840 mm

Lift capacity: standard up to 40kg / 88lbs

Article no: 96-10007

Brochure: Ergonomics through innovation (pdf).

The original Container Loading System (CLS) has been developed by Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions in cooperation with experienced baggage loaders at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Powered solely by compressed air, it is fast, ergonomic and durable. It works as an extension of the user’s arm. Therefore, it is revolution for baggage handling between the conveyor belt and the ULD. Essentially, the CLS is a lifting table that can do more than lift bags. For example, we can customize it for handling postal bags or carton boxes, just to mention a few objects.

Baggage container loading made easy

Successful tests have shown that the user easily learns how to use the baggage handling system. This is because of its intuative design. No bending of the back or other awkward positions are needed when you use the tool.  Therefore, the user still feels fit after a day – or a week – of work. The Container Loading System works great on both hard and soft case baggage. It is easy to move the baggage  from the belt into the container and to place it with exact precision, in the most space-efficient way. Heavy lifting is a simple memory with the Container Loading System. It is even proven to eliminate disc compressions that may cause severe back injuries, according to a study carried out by an expert in occupational ergonomics.

Lifting table adaptable to all workplaces

The installation of the Container Loading System is simple. For example, we can mount in rails in the ceiling or on the floor, depending on your wishes and the work area. Different types of carts or containers are not a problem. Neither does it matter if it is a moving carousel or a lateral on the other side. Speed, durability and ergonomics – the CLS’ got it!

Loading from a moving carousel to different containers is easy with the Container Loading System. In this example view the handler is standing on a platform and the containers are placed on roller deck tables.


The CLS is versitile and quick. The height of the operating table is easy to adjust. Hence, it can be used for loading from both high and low laterals into different containers.