Manhattan Carton Box Gripper 89-10224

Manhattan Carton Box Gripper 89-10224

General Data

Maximum capacity: 40 kg / 88 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH)

Weight: 70 kg / 154 lbs

Media: 90-100 psi

Article no: 89-10224

Serial no: 4693

Brochure:  Lift higher with Manhattan (pdf).

A lifting tool for carton boxes

The carton box gripper’s suction cups quickly attach to the box, which can then be swiftly and easily moved. This lifting tool is specially designed to be used in smaller working areas, and is as much a replacement for pallet lifts and forklifts since it can lift from high to low (and vice versa) and pallet to pallet.

An egonomically-designed lifting tool

Regardless of the operator’s physic, the carton box gripper is an easy-to-use machine. It has been ergonomically-designed with this in mind: no matter how strong or weak, or how tall or short the operator is, he/she can operator and use this lifting tool. The position of the control handle can be easily adjusted to suit different heights. The boxes become weightless during a lift, and the machine feels light and unconstrained in its movements. No more back and shoulder injuries, and a reduced risk of RSI. Our lifting tools make lifting boxes a breeze.