Vacuum sack gripper

Vacuum sack gripper for paper and plastic sacks

General Data

Maximum capacity: 50 kg / 110 lbs

Controls: proportional speed control (PSH) or balancing

Weight: 13,5 kg

Media: 90-100 psi

Article number for Vacuum Sack Gripper with PSH: 92-10006

Article number for Vacuum Sack Gripper with a balancer: 92-10020

Brochure:  Lifting sacks (pdf). 

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For lifting loads up to 110lbs (50kg) we recommend the Vacuum Sack Gripper. This gripper is perfectly suited for lifting flat, air-tight sacks from, for example, a pallet onto a conveyor belt. For porous sacks, like gunny sacks, we recommend our Mechanical Sack Gripper.

The Vacuum Sack Gripper also comes in stainless steel, for hygienic environments.

Cost-effective solution

The Vacuum Sack Gripper runs on pneumatic power. It is a quiet and safe sack gripper. It is also energy-efficient and consumes only 5-10% of the energy consumed by other vacuum-based lifting tools. Our unique Precivac pump ensures the vacuum pressure remains at the right level all throughout the lifting exercise.

Swift and easy lifting

To grip a sack, place the Vacuum Sack Gripper on the load and press the green button to start the vacuum. Then lift the load and move it to the desired destination. Gripping takes no more than two seconds, which means work can proceed at speed.


There are two types of controls to choose from: (a) where speed is controlled via up/down levers or triggers, or (b) with a balancer, where the gripper can be manoeuvred in all directions by physically moving it with your hands.